Support Resources

Please see our FAQ and Glossary pages for detailed explanations relating to the Designation Process and some of the terminology associated with that process and the means by which it will be managed.

Accessing the Online Survey Form

The Yorkshire Wolds Designation Project online survey form, which is designed to collect views on the Provisional Candidate Area, can be used through a web-app (via a browser), or through a mobile-app, which can be downloaded onto a mobile device.

Access the form using a web-browser

If Internet/Data connection is available, the simplest and most convenient method to access the online form is via a browser, which should be possible using the this link.

Access the form using a mobile-app

The Survey123 Mobile App (by ESRI) can be used to access the form on mobile devices, which involves:

  1. Installing Survey123 on a mobile device – it can be downloaded from either:

  2. Once downloaded and installed, start the App and ‘Continue without signing in’

  3. The survey form then needs to be added to the App

    • Use the QR Code icon in the App’s search bar to scan the QR Code below:

  4. Once the form is running, use the '+ Collect' button at the bottom to make a start on adding your views

QR Code for Survey123 form

Creating and Editing Areas in the Online Form's Map

In collecting views on the Provisional Candidate Area, the online form provides an option to draw on a map those areas which people may feel should be included, or excluded from consideration in the Designation Process.

The way that these areas are created / edited in the online map is slightly different between between the web-browser and mobile-app version. The following notes are intended to act as a guide for each option.

If you would like to see these guidance notes in more detail, or have the option to download the one-page document, please click on the document to open it for viewing, download and printing.